Lampe Series 2000 Plugs

Lampe Pipe Plugs with pipe-bypass combine almost every advantage of our plugs with the double cone tips, but additionally offer the possibility of the geodetic water transport through the plugs. Water can be directed geodetically by using a PVC-pipe (depending on the size from 100 mm/4” up to 500 mm/19.7” diameters) which is located in the middle of the plug and without having to use a pump. This kind of water transport will save you time and money.
When necessary, the inner pipe may also be extended in order to direct the water over a longer route through the construction site. If you wish to shut the pipeline entirely, you can of course, also shut the inner pipe with a traditional pipe plug. This closure can be opened to direct water through the construction site at anytime.

Lampe Series 2000 Plugs are Ideal for Manhole Rehabilitation!