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Sewer Robotics contractors provide services for removing root intrusions, cutting protruding taps, cutting out rebar, reinstating lateral connections, cutting out failed liner, installing spot repair systems, removing heavy grease, over-poured cement, grout or concrete and years of calcium and scale build-up.

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Capital City Services, a Virginia-based company, offers wastewater and water treatment plant maintenance and repair with services utilizing industrial vacuum trucks and high-pressure water blasting equipment. In addition, Capital City Services offers CCTV Pipe inspections and installing new water, gas and sewer lines to media blasting and industrial coatings.

Contact Information

Wayne Norman, President

5404 Sandy Valley Road
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Office: (804) 746-9665
Mobile: (804) 690-9536
Fax: (804) 730-1032

Pacific Sewer is a California-based sewer service company specializing in both chemical root control and robotic high-pressure obstruction removal to specifically target large mass roots, grout, tuberculation or concrete that may be create a pipeline obstruction. This targeted high-pressure service physically removes obstructions through the use of high-pressure water from a pipeline or confined space without requiring manned entry.

Contact Information

Scott Gayman, President

Mobile: (760) 908-6277


A Florida-based, service company for commercial underwater works utilizing both professional divers and robotic systems to perform a variety of pipeline maintenance and cleaning.

Contact Information

Carsten Thoermer, CEO

823 NW 57th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Office: (954) 775-0704
Mobile: (954) 655-8149