Lampe Pipe Plugs

Lightweight | Compact | Easy-to-handle

This unique pipe plugging technology sets Lampe apart from conventional pipe plug products. It is simply the better pipe plug for stopping and sealing pipes, drains, sewers and culverts from 3″ to 144″ diameters. This inflatable rubber pipe plug does not expand or stretch like a balloon when filled with air pressure, but rather inflates to its maximum size like a rubber ball. This design makes this pipe plug to be more durable than conventional pipe plugs.

Main advantages over conventional plugs:

  • One Lampe pipe plug seals a range of diameters – replaces 2-3 conventional plugs
  • No bracing against linear movement is necessary for most applications.
  • Lightweight, compact, & very easy to handle and install.
  • Adaptable – seals all pipe profile shapes.
  • Repairable – longer lifespan.

Seals a Range | No Bracing | Easy to Handle | Seals all Pipe Profiles | Repairable

Application for a Range of Diameters

A primary advantage of using a Lampe pipe plug over a comparable mini plug is the range each Lampe plug covers. Some mini plugs are designed for only one pipe size, but every Lampe pipe plug covers multiple pipe sizes - for example, the Type 1-600 is applicable from 8" all the way up to 24" pipe diameters.


  • Each device seals a range of diameters, i.e. Type 1-400 plug stops pipe diameters from 4" to 16".

  • If you inflate the plug outside of the pipe, it would reach the maximum diameter - so the Type 1-400 would be 16" in diameter, etc.

  • To seal a smaller diameter, you simply fold the Lampe plug into a package that fits into the pipe. As the Lampe fills with air, the folds are sealed inside of itself to create a uniform seal along the length of the cushion.

  • The Lampe plug will seal against the pipe wall at any size.

  • Typically replaces 2 to 3 conventional mini plugs.

Lampe Sealing Cushions Ranges

Safe Operation

The Lampe pipe plug does not need braced against linear movement for most applications. The engineering of how the Lampe seals to the pipe wall ensures that it fixes to the pipe securely as soon as 0.1 psi of air pressure is inside of the Lampe pipe plug. And should a puncture occur, the Lampe plug does not shoot out of place because the material is not stretched to achieve the blockage. It will soften as it loses air but remain secured long enough for the operators downstream to evacuate.

Lampe Sealing Cushions - Water flows underneath when loss of pressure


  • No bracing against linear movement for most applications.

  • No immediate deflation when punctured or loss of pressure because this special material does not stretch.

  • Full circumferential and linear contact with pipe wall even at minimal pressure.

  • When loss of pressure occurs, the plug will soften but remains in place for a longer time.

  • Any accumulated water head will begin to drain slowly, while the back pressure does not force the plug out instantly.

Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Handle

All Lampe pipe plugs are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle for their respective pipe sizes. For example, when comparing the Type 1-600 Lampe plug to a conventional plug, which would both cover up to 24" pipe diameter, the difference in the size and shape of each unit is significant. The conventional plug weighs at least 25 lbs. and is over 3 feet in length with approx. 12inch in diameter - deflated.

In comparison, the Lampe Type 1-600 weighs only 9 lbs. and is about 4 feet in length - but only when laid out completely flat. It can be folded upon itself 2 or 3 times into a much smaller package. The Lampe pipe plug more closely resembles a piece of fabric in that the material is flexible until filled with air.

Lampe plugs can be ordered for up to 15ft of back pressure (Type 1), or up to 30ft of back pressure (Type 2). Flow through plugs are also available, as well as plugs with special sealing.


  • When compared to conventional plugs, all Lampe plugs are lightweight.

  • Example: the plug for 4" to 16" weighs only 4 lbs.

  • All plugs are flexible and can be tightly folded.

  • All units up to the 40" - 88" (Type 1-2200) can fit through a standard 24" manhole.

  • Less effort needed to install.

  • Easier to store than a conventional pipe plug, requires less space.

Lampe Sealing Cushions are lightweight and compact but seal larger pipe diameters

Seals All Pipe Profiles

Lampe pipe plugs come in 2 different variants: Basic, for round pipe profiles, and Special Sealing, which provides an absolutely tight seal around the pipe. A Lampe with Special Sealing can adapt to and seal any pipe profile or shape.

Lampe Sealing Cushions are applicable in all pipe profile shapes

Conventional rubber pipe plugs are only suitable for round profiles. When ruptured – they instantly collapse and may even shoot through the line, which could have catastrophic/life threatening consequences for anyone working in a manhole or the pipe nearby.


  • Made of pure CR (Neoprene).
  • No plasticizers used, thus no embrittling like most conventional rubber pipe plugs or bladders.
  • Repairable.
  • Inflated with 1bar (14.5psi).
  • If punctured – the plug does not deflate rapidly or shoot through the line.
  • Applicable to seal all pipe profiles.
  • Adapts to and seals pipe profiles with an egg, kite, mouth, rectangular shape, or any other pipe profile.
  • The Special Sealing provides absolute tightness.
  • No bracing required.
  • Material adjusts itself to the pipe wall during inflation.
  • Proven work life of up to 40 years.

Repairable Long Lasting Material

The rubber material of the Lampe pipe plug is unlike that found in conventional mini plugs. This rubber is cold vulcanized out of a 100% pure CR (Neoprene) coated material. There is no mixing in of foreign materials or substances which could weaken the rubber over time. Traditional mini plugs are made of hot-vulcanized synthetic rubbers with mixtures added.


  • With proper care, the lifetime of a plug is up to 30 years.

  • Made of pure CR (Neoprene) fabric.

  • Lampe Plugs can be repaired with cost-effective patches made of the same material as the plug by the manufacturer.

  • Conventional stretching plugs should not be repaired with a patch because the patch could be torn away as the material expands during inflation.

Lampe Sealing Cushions are repairable and long lasting.


Lampe Installation - Position Cushion
A deflated Lampe cushion, with the extra material tucked away.
During inflation, the material folds in on itself.
As the Lampe fills with air, the material seals up the folds.
And the Lampe is inflated in a pipe smaller than the maximum diameter!


Basic Lampe Cushion - for blocking round pipes.
Lampe Cushion with Bypass - for bypassing water with a pump.
Special Sealing Lampes with bypass are used for pressure testing the pipe.

Conventional Plugs vs. Lampe Pipe Plugs

As conventional mini plugs fill with air, they stretch and expand. Lampe Pipe Plugs do not stretch or inflate - once they have been pressurized to even 0,01 psi, the Lampe will secure to the inner pipe wall along its length - and perform the same across its applicable range. Mini plugs must stretch to reach their maximum pipe diameters, and less of the plug makes contact with the pipe than in smaller pipes.

Mini Plug Size and Shape with Expansion
Lampe Sealing Cushion Size and Shape with Pressure

Product Data Sheet

Part NoDescriptionPipe DiameterWeightLengthMax. Volume Req.
763111-1503-6"2 lbs.23"0.4 cubic ft.
763261-4004-16"4 lbs.39"3 cubic ft.
763361-6008-24"9 lbs.49"13 cubic ft.
763411-80012-32"16 lbs.68"36 cubic ft.
763461-100016-40"26 lbs.82"64 cubic ft.
763511-120020-48"32 lbs.83"112 cubic ft.
763561-140020-56"56 lbs.113"164 cubic ft.
763611-150020-60"63 lbs.115"214 cubic ft.
763711-160024-64"85 lbs.125"228 cubic ft.
763761-180040-72"155 lbs.136"381 cubic ft.