Best Practice to remove roots and root balls from Sewer Mainlines and their Lateral Connections

The Sewer Robotics precision waterjet cutter with its rotating jet nozzle is the ideal tool for removing roots, root-balls, fat, oil and grease from sewer mainlines and their lateral connections.

What are the advantages over conventional mechanical root cutters?

There is simply no real comparison:

  • Unlike mechanical rotating cutters it has an integrated CCTV camera (for continuously having eyes on the job)
  • You can clearly identify and specifically target the affected sections
  • You can always adjust and keep the water pressure at a minimum to get the job done – adding damage to the pipe is therefore almost impossible
  • You can avoid getting stuck in the pipe
  • It easily cuts through and blasts away roots, fat, oil and grease
  • With its pan & tilt feature you can direct the waterjet into the pipe joints and lateral connections to remove roots from anywhere within the mainline
  • With the optional mixing-unit you can apply root killer chemicals, wherever and whenever needed
  • … and again, because of its integrated camera you can record the whole removal process and also inspect the line afterwards.

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