SDT Sewer Rehabilitation Tools

Modern sewer robotics technologies have made sewer rehabilitation fast and cost-effective, but you still need the correct cutting bits and tools for your robots. We offer a variety of product lines with a wide range of high-quality premium and standard cutting bits and tools. Now you can select the best parts for the job at hand to work best with your robots and the materials to be processed.

SDT cutting bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed for many applications on robotic cutters. They are mainly used for water and sewer line rehabilitation, cutting concrete, clay and PVC materials with ease.

Finding the Right Tools Made Easy

The Product Finder makes it quick and easy to locate the correct parts and accessories for your robot and job at hand. Just provide the requested information – i.e. select the product type, robot type, materials to be processed, etc. – and you'll receive a recommendation of the right tools for your job.

Innovative Diamond Tools for Sewer Rehabilitation