Specialized Sewer Maintenance and Repair Equipment

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Pipe Plug Systems

Our pipe plugs are superior! Safer, lighter, and made of long lasting rubber.

Each compact plug covers a wide range of pipe diameters. This inflatable rubber pipe plug does not expand or stretch like a balloon when filled with air pressure, but rather inflates to its maximum size like a rubber ball. This design allows this pipe plug to be more durable than conventional pipe plugs.

Modular Cutting Systems for Mainline Pipes

These unique, water-powered, high-pressure robotic systems are ideal for the removal of roots, rootballs, grease, fat, over poured concrete, scaling and hardened calcium. This system is modular and multi-functional; a single base unit can be equipped with various other modules for performing additional projects and applications.

High Performance Cutting Bits

Experience the versatility and the wide product range of SDT Cutting Bits available for all kinds of challenging jobs. A great value for your investment!

SDT cutting bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed for many applications on robotic cutters. They are mainly used for water and sewer line rehabilitation, cutting concrete, clay and PVC materials with ease.

Sewer Robotics USA & Affiliated Contractors

The exclusive Sewer Robotics distributor for the United States and North America. We offer limited contracting services and equipment rentals, based on equipment availability.


Full Contracting Services

Sewer Robotics contractors provide services for removing root intrusions, cutting protruding taps, cutting out rebar, reinstating lateral connections, cutting out failed liner, installing spot repair systems, removing heavy grease, over-poured cement, grout or concrete and years of calcium and scale build-up.