Streicher Pneumatic Cutters

Pneumatic Cutter CL50

Our highly compact milling robot CL50 is mainly used for milling in circular water and sewer lines (cutting out obstructions, preparing for lining, etc.), in pipe diameters from 2 ½ to 5inch. The retraction of the robot is done by pulling simultaneously on the supply line and on a rope, which is attached to the milling arm. The milling arm can be raised, lowered, and rotated within a radial angle of 610 °. A clamping pneumatic bladder centers the robot in larger pipe diameters so that the pneumatically driven motor is stabilized during the milling process. This system is equipped with a color camera and adjustable LED lighting. Camera lens cleaning is provided by the exhaust air of the milling motor. The robot is operated via a portable control unit with joystick and a non-reflective video monitor.

Pneumatic Cutter CL80

The milling robot CL80 is a premier choice for milling in circular water and sewer lines (lateral reinstatement, removing obstructions, etc.) in pipe diameters from 3 ½ inch to 8inch, and with the optional carriage even up to 12inch. Through the sequential inflation and venting of the pneumatic bladder for tension, and in combination with the crawling motion of the muscle feed it travels through the pipe, including up to 30ft vertically. Even 45 ° pipe bends are no problem. The cutter arm can be lifted, lowered, and rotated precisely, within a radial angle of 630 °. The powerful, pneumatically driven milling motor, with the proper cutting tool, easily eliminates even large concrete or calcium deposits, or rebar. The milling head contains a color camera with LED lighting. Pressurized air or water for camera cleaning is available. The robot is operated via a removable control case integrated in the equipment cart, which located on top has a touch panel, joystick, and a display. Sensors and displayed messages keep the operator updated on the actual status of the robotic system. By exchanging the bracing bladders, the robot is easily adapted to the respective pipe diameter. Supply lines for the CL80 are available in lengths of 10 m (30ft) and 20 m (60ft).

System Accessories

CL50 Equipment Cart

Best working ergonomics through height and tilt adjustment of the control. The handles can be folded down during operation. There is also a side storage space for the robot and the muscle feed.

  • Weight: 30 kg (66lbs.)
  • 2 l (1/2 gal) water tank for camera flushing
  • Integrated air-drying unit
  • Built-in rotary distributor for all media
  • Pneumatic tires
  • 2 pcs. change battery

CL80 Roller Skid

This accessory turns the lateral reinstatement robot CL80 into a multi-tasking robotic system for an increased number of applications. The pneumatic cutter is then suitable for centrical milling tasks in circular 190-300 mm lines, positioned at the desired location by means of a fiber-glass rod. Due to the integrated position-lock and the lateral lighting, precise milling tasks are ensured in the work area with optimal illumination. All required parts are contained in the roller skid set and can be adapted to different pipe dimensions.

  • pipe dimensions: 190-300 mm (7.5 to 12 inch)
  • weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs.)

Muscle Feed

The muscle feed is integrated between the supply cable and the milling head and offers a step-less travel motion. With this optional feature the robot can move in and out of pipes and even through 45° elbows without hindrance. Operated by the existing controller and without the need of additional accessories the muscle feed travels to the damaged area either all by itself, or with the help of a manually-pushed fiber glass rod. This innovative design ensures superior milling performance with step-less feed motion.

  • Length differences between extended and contracted muscle feed:
    CL80: 20 cm (8 inch)
    CL50: 10 cm (4 inch)
  • Weight of the muscle feed unit:
    CL80 (without milling head): 5 kg (11 lbs.)
    CL50 (without milling head): 3 kg (6.6 lbs.)

SL80 Satellite System

The SL80 satellite system, in combination with a milling robot EF200/HF200 turns the CL80 robot into a satellite system for lateral connection rehabilitation. The system consists of a powerful electric hose-drive with supply cable and control, as well as a plugin side inlet ramp for launching the CL80 robot into the lateral house connection from the mainline.

Pipe dimensions:

  • Mainline sewer DN 190-600 (7.5 to 24 inch)
  • Lateral connection DN 100-150 (4 to 6 inch)