Smart Lock

Smart Lock is the ultimate product in "No-Dig Point Repair" for Gravity Sewer and Stormwater Drainage systems. Smart Lock is an expandable and self-locking, smooth-bore, stainless steel sleeve. Combined with an application specific resin impregnated fiberglass mat, it provides a leak tight and root resistant point repair system that is fast and simple to install. This is a permanent fix solution for root in-growth in pipelines.

Why Choose Smart Lock?

  • Installation Possible with Flow Present
  • Smooth Interior Bore due to Outer Locking Mechanism
  • Short Cure Time
  • No Wait for Curing Required
  • Effective Against Root Penetration
  • 50 Year Lifetime Warranty
  • Relining Over Installed Smart Lock Possible


The prepared Smart Lock is placed on an inflatable packer which is pulled into position at the installation point. Air pressure applied to the packer expands the self-locking sleeve, sealing the resin impregnated fiberglass mat against the pipe wall. The self-locking sleeve allows the packer to be deflated and removed immediately and the sewer or drainage system returned to service.

Preparation is straight forward and consists of mixing and applying the pre-batched resin to the pre-sized fiberglass mat and the rolling the impregnated mat onto the sleeve and securing in place.



Smart Lock is compatible with all sizes, classes, jointing systems and materials used in sewer and stormwater pipelines including vitrified clay, ductile iron, steel reinforced concrete, HDPE, PVC and composite pipes.

It is most commonly installed horizontally; however, Smart Lock can be installed vertically where required.