Miniflex CCTV Push Camera "The Curving King"

The Miniflex CCTV inspection camera is a high-performing system, specifically designed for the most challenging and demanding inspection situations in smaller water, sewer and drainage pipes. From a 1 ¼ inch P-trap, to up to 4 inch pipe diameter, best with multiple 90’s and 45’s. This is its world and where it is outperforming any competition.

This is the ideal system if your job demands the CCTV inspection of complex sewer and drainage piping structures in buildings, plants, or irrigation systems, such as:

  • Home Plumbing
  • Apartment Complexes
  • High Risers
  • Golf Course Irrigation Systems
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Pool & Spas
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Airport Terminals
  • Stadiums
  • Military Posts & Barracks
  • Government Administrative Buildings
  • Complex Industrial Building
  • Camping Grounds
  • Refineries
  • Manufacturing & Power Plants



The Miniflex CCTV push camera system by Camtronics features a compact bullet-shaped 19.5mm (0.75″) camera head and flexible push rod designed to push through pipes from 1 1/4″ to 4″ in diameter with several 90 degree bends.

The compact Miniflex reel features a unique cassette-shaped housing made of high-quality plastic with protective rubber caps, making it light, sturdy and impact-proof. The electronic components are watertight and protected in the center of the reel, along with the standard 5.6″ TFT LCD monitor with SD card for video and photo recording. Every unit features an incredible 7 hour battery! It is extremely simple to operate and control the Miniflex.

The conical shape of the connector between the camera and the push rod makes it easy to push the camera head through several 90 degree bends. The bullet-shaped camera head features a wide-angle 100-degree lens with good picture quality and illumination, even in larger pipes. The push rod and camera head are interchangeable for quick repairs in the field. 512 Hz locating transmitter available.

High Performance CCTV Camera System for Challenging Jobs

Broadly considered the best CCTV camera system in its class!

Compact Design and Simple Operation

Compact Miniflex CCTV push camera system with miniature 19.5mm (0.76″) camera head, 5.6″ monitor with built-in video recording, and lightweight reel with 65-130′ of flexible 5.5mm push rod.

  • All-in-one system in ergonomic watertight 16″ x 19″ x 4″ housing
  • Ready for use – up to 7 hour battery
  • Conical camera shape designed to push through several 90 degree bends
  • Interchangeable push rod and camera head
  • SD card video and photo recording

Camera Head

  • Forward-facing color camera with wide angle 100˚ lens
  • Waterproof up to maximum 43 psi (3 bar)
  • Application range 1.25-4″ pipe diameter
  • 512 Hz locating sonde included

Additional Information

CameraForward facing camera head, 0.75" (19.5mm) diameter, 0.9" (23mm) length, 400 TV lines color camera module with 100˚ viewing angle, 12 super bright adjustable white LEDs, Stainless steel with sapphire glass 1mm lens, waterproof up to 43 psi (3 bar), 512 Hz locating sonde standard, Application from 1.25-4" pipe diameter
Monitor5.6" TFT LCD screen built-in to reel, On-screen distance counter, SD card photo and video recording
Reel & BodyWaterproof electronics with hardened plastic reel housing, Dimensions: 16" x 19" x 4", Weight: 19 lb. including 65' of cable, Control built-in to reel with light control and video out
Cable100 ft standard of 5.5mm flexible cable; 130 ft available (special order)
Centering GuidesRing guide for larger pipe diameters