Miniflex Cleaner

Portable Vortex pushjet

The MiniFlex cleaner is a portable AC powered push-jetting system for drain cleaning and removing stoppages. The bullet-shaped nozzle and high-pressure push hose allow smooth insertion through multiple bends and knees from 32 – 100mm (1-1/4″ to 4″) pipes.

The patented nozzle directs all energy into a powerful 120bar (1750psi) forward Vortex while the Grease Release sewer degreasing agent encapsulates fats, oils and greases to remove blockages, delay future build-ups and prevent settlement further down the line.

The MiniFlex Cleaner includes the Vortex nozzle, push hose with portable reel, Grease Release dosing tank and portable high pressure pump.


Vortex Nozzle: 25mm bullet-shaped (1")
Mixed additive: 3,5L Grease Release (0.9Gal)
Max. pressure: 120bar (1750psi)
Max. flow: 11ltr/min (2.9GPM)
Max. length: 25m high pressure push hose (80')


  • Forward Vortex Jet
  • Bullet-shaped nozzle
  • Easy insertion through curves
  • Grease Releaser additive
  • Portable pump
  • Portable Hose reel