Inspector 36 Sewer Camera

The improved robust Inspector 36 is very suitable for thoroughly inspecting smaller diameter pipelines. The bullet-shaped, spherical camera head with a flexible spring easily navigates through right-angle bends from a diameter of 50 mm. Various blockages and damage to pipes can then be traced accurately within the pipeline. The working application range for the Inspector 36 sewer camera is from 50 to 200 mm diameter.

MSRP $6,250.00

Quality Image and Wide Angle Views

  • All in one system
  • Ready for use
  • Adjustable viewing angle 100°
  • Meter counter
  • Robust bullet-shaped camera head
  • SD-USB video recording and photo captures (optional)
  • 6 super bright white LEDs
  • 90 degree bends from 50 mm diameters
  • Combi cable length 30-50 meters