IDTec USA - Sewer Maintenance Equipment

This water-powered, robotic system is specifically designed for the removal of roots, rootballs, grease, fat, concrete, scaling and hardened calcium deposits from within sewer mainlines of all pipe materials without damaging the pipe. The application range is from 6" up to approximately 32" pipe diameter. Available water pressure units are from 500 bars (7250 psi) up to 2500 bars (36,250 psi). This system is a high pressure, low volume technology: water consumption range from approximately 4 to 6.5 gallons per minute throughout the available pressure ranges.

This system is modular and multi-functional; a single base unit can be equipped with various other modules for performing additional applications, such as: mechanical cutting of protruding laterals or pipes, reinstating lined laterals, cutting/grinding out rebar from mainlines, conventional CCTV camera pipe inspection and installing mechanical point repairs.

This System is Truly a Contractor's Dream Come True!

System Applications

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