Specialized Sewer Maintenance and Repair Equipment

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The Camtronics Miniflex sewer pipe inspection camera system has been labeled the best in its class. This push camera system is able to navigate multiple 90 degree bends.

Our pipe plugs are superior - they are safer, lighter, and made of long lasting rubber. Each compact plug covers a wide range of pipe diameters.

These unique, water-powered, robotic systems are ideal for the removal of roots, rootballs, grease, fat, over poured concrete, scaling and hardened calcium. 

Experience the versatility and the wide product range of SDT Cutting Bits available for all kinds of challenging jobs. A great value for your investment!

On-Site Contracting Services Available Now

Due to high demand, we now offer limited sewer mainline contracting services: root removal, cutting out protruding laterals, hardened fat, oil and grease removal, limited cement and concrete removal, and cutting out rebar. For more information or to schedule service, please email us here.